Wednesday, December 15, 2004

High praise for me

Ben over at The Net Files has dealt some high praise for my fledgling site:
No NHL this year folks. Meanwhile I'll be reading James Mirtle who is good enough to challenge Eric at Offwing as the best hockey blogger out there. Too bad he's not going to have much to write about come January.
Ho! Well, I had to create a thread in dedication to this, as I may never receive such a compliment again. I guess since the pinacle has been reached, perhaps I can contemplate retiring on my Google ad earnings. Visit Ben's site, click on his ads, comment away (or whatever it is that you bloggers do)... his impressive homage has earned it.

As for not having much to write about, you'll be surprised at the depth of my hockey zeal. Prepare for mass threads about Jeremy Roenick changing his hairstyle, and a debate as to why Greg Hawgood's numbers in junior hockey were superior to Bobby Orr's. And The Hockey News thought they had the great debate market cornered.



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