Tuesday, December 14, 2004

NHL season done like dinner

There's something wrong with the NHL.

It's over. Kaput. No hockey for you. The league has made their counter offer, and surprise, surprise, the union's not buying. I'm not shocked, nor am I upset. Many are, however. Sure, I'll be without my past time for a while, but it's a broken past time. Some time away will be the best thing for it.

Jamie Fitzpatrick over at About highlights the offer from the league today:
  • Players to receive 54 percent of league revenues every season. Based on last season's numbers, that means a salary cap of between $34.6 million and $38.6 million per team in the first year of the new deal.
  • Salaries to be rolled back on a graduated scale. Players earning $5 million or more give back 35 percent of the value of existing contracts. Players earning between $4 million and $4.99 million give back 30 percent, and so on.
  • No signing bonuses or performance bonuses during a player's first four years under an NHL contract.
  • Salary arbitration is eliminated.
  • No one said that there wasn't any room to negotiate on these items, although future negotiations at this point haven't been planned. I'm going to go eat the aforementioned dinner now.


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