Monday, December 20, 2004

Players say no season until 2006

An interesting article from the Associated Press on how Chris Pronger and Jim McKenzie don't see the season happening before January of 2006. McKenzie, never the brightest fellow, says a few interesting things towards the end of the article:
"I would not be where I am now if 10 years ago the guys had given in. Ten years ago for me was tempting. I was sitting there with a young family. They weren't in school so you got up everyday and they are staring back at you. I was 22, 23 and didn't have a lot saved,'' said the journeyman enforcer. "There was the shock of being locked out and never thinking it would happen, and there was a real chance that the season would have been canceled. We're fortunate that it wasn't.''
McKenzie is critical in the article of the NHL trying to create a divide between high payroll and low payroll players. One interesting thing is how he says he wanted the cap in 1994, which makes you wonder what players in that situation are thinking now. The players who the lockout will be affecting are the young guys who haven't yet had many big paydays... it'll be interesting to see if this factors into the union breaking sooner than Pronger and McKenzie seem to think it will.


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