Saturday, December 18, 2004

Tony's twisting McFarlane's arm

I'd be amiss if I didn't talk about this case. Spawn comic book creater, Calgary kid and hockey fan Todd McFarlane is declaring bankruptcy as a result of a ridiculous lawsuit filed by former NHLer Tony Twist. Twist was awarded $15-mil, or about 15 times what he made in his career, because he claimed his character was defamed because McFarlane called a character in his comic book Antonio Twistinelli.

First of all, Twist should be honored that anyone chose to loosely name a character after a nothing hockey player like himself. And, secondly, even if he was defamed, is this 2nd-rate goon's character worth $15-mil? Why not pay him to the tune of $500k and be done with this? I think McFarlane's biggest mistake was telling people he took the name of his mafia character from the hockey player, because otherwise, no one would have known the difference. What's next? A lawsuit against Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin by the Devils defenseman of the same name? I guarantee a political scandal can go a lot further towards sullying a name than a comic book character. How many Dick Nixon's do you see walking around?


At 7:28 p.m., December 20, 2004, Blogger Jeff said...

Stupidity = money?

Case #1:

He had a cultlike following among comic-book fans, but McFarlane gained widespread fame after buying the McGwire baseball.

McFarlane had said that purchase opened the doors for him to market his toys, especially his sports figures, to retail giants like Wal-Mart, one of his largest buyers.

Case #2:

In July, a St. Louis Circuit Court jury awarded Twist, a former St. Louis Blues player, $15 million after concluding that McFarlane and his company profited by using Twist's name without permission and Twist's publicity rights were infringed.

Please. Tony Twist, just like his ancestor, Oliver Twist, should be slapped upside the head and denied "some more". He was a goon and a half-assed hockey player, not exactly an endorsement-magnet, and apparently found what Americans call "a better lawyer". Congratulations!


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