Friday, December 24, 2004

Ulmer: An eye for an eye

The Toronto Sun's Mike Ulmer is one of seemingly millions of hockey columnists who have sprung up overnight with an opinion on the Steve Moore/Todd Bertuzzi fiasco. I don't need to be a fly on the wall — I can hear what's being said in newsrooms from all the way in B.C.

"Great! Finally something to write about!" said Sports Editor X. "Go dust off the hockey guy in the corner and tell him to churn out a few controversial columns on this Bertuzzi fellow."

Multiply that by a few hundred times and you end up with Bertuzzi gracing the cover of the Globe and Mail. Slow news day Greenspon?

Anyway, Ulmer echoes the sentiments of many when he writes:
The league could end violence in one swift move. Never mind Bertuzzi. From now on, any player who deliberately injures another loses his right to play and his corresponding salary until the player he hurt comes back. The greater the injury, the greater the penalty. Texas Law.
Ah, yes, that's right. How silly of all of us not to see that the solution was right in front of us. In that case, Matt Johnson stopped playing in the NHL in 1998. Alexander Perezhogin misses only a couple games after two handing Garrett Stafford in the face. Nevermind the on-ice seizure and broken teeth, Stafford only missed a game or two, so how bad a whack could it have been?

Let's not oversimplify things by saying there is a blanket solution for suspensions. I'll defer to something I read the other day: "This eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth Biblical advice has never worked. Just look at Israel."

The day we look to Texans for our law making is a sad one.


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