Friday, January 28, 2005

Tkachuk's got his eyes on the prize

Whatchu looking at?Jes Golbez posted a great link with some hilarious portraits of NHL players, including the one of St. Louis Blue Keith Tkachuck (right) where he appears a tad more than slightly cross-eyed.

It's great to see that the game is becoming more and more popular in Asia, and I guess these anime-like drawings are proof of that. Any continent that is going to make NHL execs pronounce names like Yutaka Fukufuji at the draft has my blessing. For the reference of those who didn't watch the draft:
The rest of the way, in steps NHL vice president Jim Gregory, who is a great guy but tends not to be as ... eloquent ... as the other two — something that's becoming harder to do given the influx of Europeans into the draft. So imagine Gregory's horror when the Los Angeles Kings selected Yutaka Fukufuji, from the Japanese national team, with the 228th overall pick. Use your imagination to figure out how that came out of Gregory's mouth and over the RBC Center loudspeakers.
Duck You Dudgee!


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