Sunday, February 27, 2005

More on Cuthbert firing

Hockey Nation has a great runthrough of CBC Sports' latest debacles, including some extended info on the firing of popular broadcaster Chris Cuthbert:
It seems one of the CBC broadcasters who spoke out loudly against the cancellation of the day of hockey was Chris Cuthbert, who spoke his mind in a planning meeting, no doubt suggesting that perhaps in a year without hockey this would be the perfect vehicle to show the game was more than just a bunch of professionals making obscene amounts of money.

For his intervention, Cuthbert was cut adrift earlier this week. The head of Sports Nancy Lee sending him packing, supposedly due to the lack of NHL hockey on the network this year. An interesting decision, as Cuthbert not only was on Hockey Night in Canada, he also was the voice of CFL football on the CBC.
Tom Benjamin made the point earlier in the week that the decision doesn't seem strange at all, what with there being no hockey to broadcast, but Cuthbert is a great commentator on all kinds of sporting events. And since Tom is so fond of conspiracy theories when they revolve around Gary Bettman, I find it hard to believe he's willing to brush this one under the rug.

Sure this news is a few days old, but that doesn't mean people should forget about it.


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