Friday, March 04, 2005

All quiet on the blogging front

Well, I've had to take a short step back into campus press life as the last step to finish my degree. As a result, I'm not at a major publication, not writing about major league hockey and am very occupied with my duties. As I've found, all of these things aren't very conducive to blogging.

Those desperate—and I mean really desperate—to read something I've penned can see a piece on Ryerson's dismal hockey team here (it's got the wrong byline on it, as our online editor accidently ascribed the piece to Toronto Sun staple and current sports editor Ryan Wolstat). I must say it's humbling to post said link instead of something from the Post.

This lackluster state of the blog, however, is a temporary arrangement. I'm finished grad school in five weeks, and there are offers at major Canadian dailies to ponder. I'll keep mum on the issue until I know where I'm headed... but until then, keep tuning into Brett, Eric and others for all of your hockey-related needs (or just tune out together... you have my assurances that you won't miss much).


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