Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Lecavalier in Russia

Here's a fantastic story about Vinny Lecavalier playing in Russia done by the folks at the St. Petersburg Times.
"The first couple weeks were bad, really hard. I wondered if I had made a mistake," Lecavalier said. "Couldn't sleep because of the time change. Couldn't talk to people back home because of the time change. But four or five months later, it's fine. I like it. I'd come back again."
Similar sentiments to a lot of NHLers who made the trek.

This is the kind of story that sports writers get into the business to write. And what I really admire (and am dumbfounded by) is that in a market like Tampa Bay, where hockey is far from the peak of the sports landscape, the newspaper goes to the expense to send two people to the middle of nowhere for this story.

I think I just might send my resume to the Times.


At 1:37 p.m., March 30, 2005, Blogger John F. said...

It's funny becuase there has been barely any coverage int eh local papers (the St. Petersbutg Times and the Tampa Tribune) over the weeks. In Canada there has been the speculation and the player-comments-in-the-media. There hasn't been much of that here because everyone is under less of a microscope.

That doesn't mean those in Tampa Bay aren't interested in aspects of the game such as what players are goign through in Europe or the information we are missing out on with regards to the Lockout.

At any rate, the Times coverage is more imaginative - and much more informing - than coverage from the Tampa Tribune.


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