Friday, March 04, 2005

Quick trivia: Who is the top player in junior hockey?

If you guessed Sidney Crosby, you're wrong.

That is, at least according to Prospects Hockey magazine. Prospects picked hard-hitting Calgary Flames draft pick Dion Phaneuf as the top player in Canadian junior, choosing to place the younger, and as-yet undrafted Crosby in the No. 2 spot.

Personally, after watching Phaneuf dominate the WJC, I can't argue with this move. The question I pose to the hockey community, then, is: Which one would you take?

Here's another tidbit that has escaped an all-too-NHL-obsessed hockey media:
More recently, Crosby has led the Oceanic on a 20-game undefeated streak, which has included 17 straight wins.
Rimouski, who had a very mediocre start to their season, have caught fire since Crosby's return from the WJC. How this new winning streak escaped my attention before now, I haven't the foggiest. Then again, I've only seen one junior hockey game this year (which I'm almost certain is a record low).


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