Monday, April 18, 2005

Andrew Peters in Sweden

I finally posted the story I wrote in February for the Post about enforcer Andrew Peters playing in Sweden. Personally, it was one of the pieces I was most happy about during my stint there, as it was a story idea I pitched and the finished product came out almost exactly as I had written it (which, as any reporter can attest to, is the finest compliment you can be paid — aside from actually being paid, that is).

People often ask the process behind getting ideas like this, so here's a brief recount. There was an old issue of The Hockey News around the time the lockout had started that listed how every player from every team was spending their time sans NHL. And when I saw Andrew Peters, feared NHL enforcer, was in an obviously non-fighting league in Boden, I circled his name with a big, fat red pen. Then, when I tossed a list of a dozen ideas on my editor's desk, this was the first one he wanted.


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