Thursday, April 14, 2005

Unwelcome back, Vince

If you're looking for an entertaining few hours of sports coverage to watch tomorrow, tune into the Raptors vs. Nets game. Toronto has been bracing to give Vince Carter a not-so-nice reception, and you can guarantee there will be fireworks of some sort. While Canadians aren't known for their temper, the city is, to put it tersely, pissed.
On the Raptors' official Web site, a chat board entry from a fan posting as "Tech-Tonic" seemed to sum up the general post-Carter mood.

"Thank you, Vince, for making Toronto the laughingstock of the NBA. Thanks for thinking you own the place and trying to make your mom seem like she has a clue, and thanks for demanding a trade and thanks for slacking it (its not acceptable at all), and thanks for falling on the floor and crying ... over and over and over again."
Toronto's all-sports station, Fan 590, has planned a 'welcome back the baby' event that they've been trumpeting quite heavily. I have to admit, it's quite humorous:

On April 15th, Vince returns to Toronto with New Jersey and we're ready to catch every dribble and drool with game tickets and "#15" baby bibs. Enter for your chance to win a pair of tickets to see Toronto vs New Jersey and a limited edition baby bib. Send us your baby picture with your name, address and phone number. If we select your picture, you automatically win! Plus, everyone who enters qualifies for the grand prize of courtside seats to the April 15th game.

It brings a tear to your eye.


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