Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Around blogdom in 300 words

Hockey blogging has picked up as of late due to the World Championships, the CHL playoffs and some slight movement on the NHL front, so I thought it best to serve up my thoughts on what's being said.

Most Valuable Network's Jean-Pierre Allard laments the Binghamton Senators latest lump and notes that the AHL club resembles its parent in its ability to choke come playoff time:

When the GM of the NHL club graciously accepts defeat as John Muckler has in this latest fiasco, or when he (this goes for all of his predecessors in Ottawa too) points out that the team had a good season despite the playoff loss, and that some players accomplished a lot, and that they will only get better from this latest adversity, then I think it’s time to seriously question the mindset that is prevailing at the top of this organization.

It’s a defeatist attitude, a nice guy mentality, a turn the other cheek personality, a submissive comportment. Rather bizarre, wouldn’t you think, seeing that these people are in a business known more for thugs than choirboys?


And lookie here, I found a Rangers writer who backs the use of replacement players. I'm not sure if anyone told him the ship already sailed on that one.

One quip that everyone jumped on today came from ESPN broadcaster Bill Clement.
"What's there to like about our sport?" said Clement. "The entertainment value has atrophied to become tedious to watch. Where's the marquee value in the way it's been played? We had only three 40-goal scorers in our last season. Remember, the record is 92."
Tom Benjamin thinks Clement needs to ditch his objectivity and stop jeering the product, regardless of his qualms:
Uh, excuse me, Bill? Don't you earn a living from this sport? Aren't you one of the pretty faces on camera who is supposed to be marketing the game? If there is nothing to like about it, what are you doing in the hockey business?
Last I checked, Clement is a broadcaster and not a shill for the NHL's marketing department. The man played 11 seasons in the NHL; how much more proof do you need to know that he's a hockey man? Just because one is in the business of hockey doesn't mean you've got to trumpet every aspect of it. He calls hockey 'our sport' for heaven's sake.

Does Clement love the game of hockey? Of course. Does he think the NHL as a product is best representing that game? Hell no.

Spector rebuffs hockey's fossilized scribe Stan Fischler for his lambasting of Sydney Crosby. Wrote Fischler of Crosby's million-dollar endorsement deal with Reebok:
Sid Crosby says of his multi-million dollar Reebok deal: “It won’t go to my head.” Don’t believe him! Crosby may be good but he still hasn’t scored an NHL goal. (Anyone remember Alex Daigle?)
It's hard to take stuff like this seriously. Signing an endorsement deal makes the kid the next coming of Daigle? An interesting parallel, to say the least. Benjamin exposes his dichotomous personality when he blasts Fischler as a shill for the league. Along the lines of what you'd like to see from Clement, Tom?

John at Boltsmag is searching for Jimmy Hoffa (or something equally elusive).

The AHL playoffs are down to a best of eight. My money's on the Moose.

And, last but not least, a small clap for my Jays, who won their third straight game by dusting off a red-hot Orioles club. Raise your hand if you thought the Red Sox and Yankees would be three and four in the AL East 28 games in. No, mine's not up either, but is a wild card race too much to hope for?


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