Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bring on the ping pong ball lottery

The most interesting thing I read in hockey the past 24 hours was over at Andrew's Stars Page where Mark, creater of Andrew's Stars Page (if you can figure that one out), gave a quick run through of a proposed draft lottery system would look like (as reported by the Toronto Star).
Nothing has been passed by the board of governors and isn't expected to be for some time, but it's believed the lottery will work like this:
  • Each team starts with four balls in the lottery.
  • Teams lose a ball for each year they qualified for the playoffs in the past four seasons.
  • Teams also lose a ball if they have had the first overall selection in any of the past four drafts.
  • Each team is guaranteed at least one ball.
Now, the lottery ball system would be necessary, of course, because there wasn't a 2004-05 season with which to determine the order teams would select players. I've heard this idea bandied about in media circles since January, and the same thing always comes up... "so, what you're saying is, the Tampa Bay Lightning could get Sidney Crosby?"

The answer: yeap. Sounds like a few teams could be winning more than just a 'draft lottery' once this thing gets the go ahead (i.e. once a CBA is signed and/or hell freezes over). Imagine the dollar figure attached to getting this year's No. 1 pick? That's a lot riding on a ping pong ball.


At 2:52 p.m., May 21, 2005, Blogger Michael said...

Listening to Bob McCown on the FAN 590, you'd believe that Toronto wants Crosby badly. So does the NHL. They want to be able to showcase him on a big market franchise.

He's coming to Pittsburgh though. Just cope with it, people! ;)

Great work here. I'm redoing my hockey blog links so I'm going to add yours and endorse it my readers.


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