Thursday, May 12, 2005

Delayed reaction

I'm actually going to try to watch the repeated version of tomorrow's quarterfinal game between Canada and Slovakia. Work prevents me from watching it live, so here's hoping some random oaf doesn't disclose the score to me during the course of the day.

If Canada loses, I find it hard to believe no one will talk to me about it all day. I guess I'm damned to know who wins before 7:30 tonight either way. Silence means Canada won, business as usual. Cacophonies of belly-aching compatriots mean... well, by now we know what that means. Pity.

NB. The National Post's Mark Spector picked Slovakia to take this game. His other choices include the Czechs, the Russians and the Swedes. He says the final will come down to a battle between the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with the plucky Slovaks coming out on top.

Me? I hereby declare the winners of the quarterfinals to be Canada, the Czech Repulic, Russia and Sweden. Canada and Sweden meet up in the finals, where Daniel Alfredsson goes to work to bring gold to his mother country for the first time since 1998.

Granted, Canada hasn't looked so hot so far in the tournament (including a 2-1 victory over Ukraine for which Spector is particularly harsh), but since when has that mattered at the World Championship?


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