Monday, May 09, 2005

The lockout in a nutshell

I think I've made my loathing for writing about the lockout quite clear — and if I haven't, the lack of posts on the subject surely gets that point across. That said, some musings from Mike Chen today sum up the current state of affairs quite nicely:
All's [sic] I know is that the NHL is telling the absolute truth on one matter - season tickets, sponsorships, and the ever-looming ESPN contract gets worse and worse with each passing day. And if it hurts the league, it'll hurt the players.
Unfortunately, yes. So, as I said, I am tired of having the roundabout discussions and being nitpicked by the various 'pro-player' factions that abound out there. It's an odd feeling, but the one consolation about not writing about sports the next four-odd months is that I won't have to keep abreast on the CBA negotiations. Personally, I'm fairly confident the NHL will come back for September. Even if that's misguided, it's all the information I care to have at the moment.

NB: Today was Day 1 at The Globe. Here's hoping for many, many more.


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