Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The saga of the crazed hockey parent

Here's an interesting story for those who thought the stereotype of the crazed hockey parent applied only to us north of the border.

Friends took out loans to get in on Sherman's deals. Local businessmen put up money. An offshore company invested, too.

The federal government has alleged it was all a big lie. Sherman never invested the money, according to a federal fraud indictment handed down last week.

Instead, he sank nearly $1 million into a youth-hockey association called the Washington Evergreens. Among other things, the money was used to take young players and their parents to tournaments across North America.

Prosecutors haven't been able to account for all of the money, but they say they've never seen a case like this.

"Most frauds are for personal gain," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Tate London. Yet so much of Sherman's money seemed to go toward the hockey team — his own version of Disney's "Mighty Ducks," as one lawyer called it.

I've heard of making sacrifices so that your kids can play sports, but this is getting ridiculous. This case makes Toronto's own minor hockey mogul look like a venerable saint.


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