Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Calgarian buys into hockey night in Ireland

The Globe's Al Maki has an interesting feature in today's paper about software developer Jim Yaworski buying a large chunk of the Belfast Giants, a team that plays in the British Elite League.

Yaworski, a collector of hockey jerseys, happened to be seated next to Giants captain Shane Johnson on a flight in England two years back. Coincidentally, Yaworski happened to mention that the jersey he had yet to find was a Belfast Giants, and, let's just say he ended up getting his jersey and then some.

I think by now you know I'm a sucker for obscure hockey stories —— they're definitely the sort of thing I enjoy writing. Here's a link to the story from the BBC.

A few interesting things from that link. One, the story's labelled under 'Other Sport', giving you an indication of the type of hockey market this fellow is buying into. And two... well, the perils of playing hockey in Belfast:
The 2005-06 fixtures is also due to be announced with the Giants having to play most of the home fixtures in the early part of the season.

This is because the Odyssey is not available in late February and most of March 2006 as the Mama Mia musical is on.
One can only hope musicals stay away from the Air Canada Centre.


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