Thursday, June 02, 2005

'The Hat' fills us in

Due to some shipping problems revolving around a labour dispute (no, not the CBA), the Globe and Mail has made all of their content for today's paper available online. That includes an interesting 'Answer Man' column from GAM's own Eric Duhatschek.

You also suggested it would take from two to three weeks of uninterrupted negotiations, without setbacks or stalls, to produce that sort of a final agreement. Then on Wednesday, there was a flurry of talk suggesting that such a document was about to be delivered imminently. What happened? Did the timetable move up that fast?

A: Of course not. The fact is, nothing much really changed between Saturday and Wednesday, other than the fact that the usual suspects on radio and in print rushed to "break" a story that wasn't ready to be broken yet. This temptation to jump the gun happens whenever progress, however slight, has been made in these talks.
Ah, that's right — it's Day 1 on the sports desk for me over here, so I'll be able to jump in on anything should some news arise. Don't hold your breath.


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