Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Much-maligned Hockey Gladiators
event slated for Prince George

Well, it seems that promoter Darryl Wolski's Hockey Gladiators event finally has a home, and it's in the B.C. hinterland in the northern city of PG.

Let's just say, the list of fighters is far from impressive. Out of those six players/fighters confirmed — John Craighead, Patrick Cote, Lyndon Byers, Mike Sgroi, Frank Bialowas and Link Gaetz (silly nicknames removed) — they have averaged 76 career NHL games played, 15 points and, yes, 316 PIM.

Hey, I'm a hockey and a boxing fan, but watching these poor fellows in search of a payday hammer each other isn't my idea of entertainment. Perhaps if Wolski had been able to attract some premier NHL heavyweights or even a few up and comers to slug it out, it may have been a worthwhile event. As it stands now, not so.

Ranked by NHL PIM totals
Byers: 279 GP, 71 Pts, 1081 PIM
Gaetz: 65 GP, 14 Pts, 413 PIM
Cote: 105 GP, 3 Pts, 377 PIM
Bialowas: 4 GP, 0 Pts, 12 PIM
Craighead: 5 GP, 0 Pts, 10 PIM
Sgroi: None


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