Tuesday, June 07, 2005

'One year? Hello! Long term? Goodbye!'

Edmonton Sun columnist Terry Jones makes the excellent point that the Edmonton Roadrunners were always destined to stay only one year:

From beginning to end I didn't believe the Runners were anything but a replacement product for one season. As a result, I did not cover or attend one single game this past season!
Why he failed to acknowledge the team's existence while they were in Alberta, I'm not entirely sure, but given the details, the Roadrunners' skipping town makes sense. As I said yesterday, it'd be nice to see the team stay in Canada.

The thing that I like to see in this scenario is that the Oilers' brass are being entirely transparent in their motivations behind canning the minor league team — they want to sell more tickets to the Oilers. And who can blame them for that?


At 5:37 p.m., June 07, 2005, Blogger John F. said...

As for blame, it will be only bitter hockey fans who think of NHL owners and players as crooks. Those are the people who will blame the Oiler brass for getting rid of the Road Runners...

They'd prefer to watch hockey with heart... But then again? That's Canada, where there is a plethora of minor-league and junior hockey to behold if one wishes to see something other than the NHL.


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