Wednesday, June 01, 2005

'Some good will come from all of this.'

Steve Ovadia posted a link today to an interesting column by always-entertaining Toronto Sun columnist Mike Ulmer.

Already, there is talk of Goodenow's imminent departure. Good form will prevent him from leaving before a new deal is signed, but the schism inside the union between Goodenow and its rank-and-file millionaires only can result in Goodenow being gone within the year.

Bizarrely, Goodenow will be most responsible for keeping Bettman in office. Ownership won't cashier Bettman until Goodenow is gone, but once he is, they too will reach for a new face. Bettman won't be renewed, not because of this CBA, but because of the past one, and the amount of earth that had to be scorched to fix it.

For the most part, I'm going to save my thoughts on the dwindling labour dispute until the god-awful thing is in the bag. Once the CBA criterion are set, expect hockey blogdom to be atwitter, with equal numbers weighing in either for or against the agreement.

A split among this decidedly polarized mishmash of pundits? To me, that's a good sign. In my humble opinion, the relative success and/or failure of the deal will reside almost entirely with how extensive the league's revenue sharing agreement will ultimately be.

That said, I'll reserve judgment for a few more weeks.


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