Friday, June 24, 2005

Surprise, the sky remains blue...

And, no, tickets for NHL games will not likely be any cheaper. Not any surprise really, at least not for myself. Even if hockey revenues stay the same as 2003-04 levels (a huge if), the chunk players were receiving was the real aim of a new CBA.

Still, Spector feigned surprise in a recent post:
Not a bad price, eh? But wait a minute, weren't ticket prices supposed to go down substantially under the new CBA? Isn't that what Blues fans and fans of other clubs were promised?

And correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't Blues fans, as well as hockey fans in other NHL cities, complaining about the cost of lower bowl tickets in their respective arenas back in 2000-01?

Oh, you expected a substantial slashing of those ticket prices, didn't you?
I really don't recall such a promise from teams although I'll heartily eat crow if some examples were provided. Did the Toronto Maple Leafs or Vancouver Canucks or any other recently successful franchise pledge that they would lower ticket prices?

(I'll grant that perhaps Bettman may have said some such nonsense, but at the time and by everyone within earshot, it was derided as nonsense... the man would in fact offer the world to win the requisite PR battle he conscientiously fights)

Even Al Strachan, venerable and respected columnist that is he is, didn't believe him (imagine that!) :
Surely you don't think that ticket prices will go down if salaries are reduced, do you? If you're that stupid, you could become a judge in this country.
I believe that speaks for itself.


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