Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bob Goodenow quits NHLPA

If you've been following the media reports closely, this won't come as much of a surprise. Here's The Globe's write through.

The Hockey News' Adam Proteau suggested the battered union head do as much in his column last week.

Goodenow is a prideful fellow and was made to feel a tad sheepish with the labour war decision finishing the way it did. After years of preaching against a salary cap, his players gave up on that course of action after the cancellation of the 2004-05 season.

Goodenow had said in the beginning that the dispute could go two years before ownership would break. Imagine what would have happened had players not convinced him to give in on his weighty demands.

And, after months of being the public face of the union, the irksome Ted Saskin (pictured at left) is its new head. Consider this a lateral move for hockey fans.
  • I'd like to hear Tom Benjamin's thoughts on the matter, as he clearly wasn't enamoured with the suggestions Goodenow should take a 24 per cent rollback on his salary. What about now that it's 100 per cent?


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