Thursday, July 14, 2005

The day after...

I'm not going to get a chance to update more than this tonight.

Ratification isn't expected to pose any problems to the CBA process, but let's just say that the NHL will be making front-page news for more than just Wednesday's announcement.

Here's the NHL timeline for the rest of the summer (as per today's Globe and Mail):

July 21: NHL draft lottery takes place, as well as anticipated ratification of the new collective agreement by players and league.

July 22-31: Projected period during which teams can buy out players.

July 30: NHL entry draft takes place in Ottawa.

Aug. 1: Projected free-agency period begins.

Mid-Sept: NHL training camps begin.

Oct. 5: 2005-06 season opens.

The mainstream media coverage of the lockout was fast and furious both yesterday and today — I was in the trenches for some of it — and I really haven't had any time to digest what the various papers brought to the table in terms of coverage.

I plan on delving into it a little more thoroughly over the weekend, time permitting.

I'd also like to offer, at some point, a rebuttal to Tom Benjamin and Lyle Richardson's twin lambasting of the mainstream media that they've offered up over the course of the lockout. Next to league commissioner Gary Bettman, hockey fans' Great Villain, according to these fellows, is the lowly media scribe, who apparently panders solely to his own self-interest (which, as they have stated, is unduly influenced by the NHL's ownership groups).

It's one thing to disagree with the media coverage being offered, but it's quite another to spout 'bias' when it's not even in play.

Of course, that being said, I myself am now part of the media — so I suppose it's all about who you believe. Perhaps ownership has paid me off as well?


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