Friday, July 15, 2005

Farewell Golden Bear

"Words are not really enough for Jack," three-time Open champion Nick Faldo said. "They should make him out of gold and stick a little Jack on every tee box."

— Three-time British Open champion Nick Faldo following
Jack Nicklaus' final round of competitve golf today.

Granted, it's not my style to make a non-hockey post amidst all the hockey news of late, but Mr. Nicklaus' farewell certainly deserves mention. Even a young guy like me, who rarely got to see his dominance on display, knows the significance of this man to the game.

The Globe ran this feature from the wires earlier this week, and it highlights some of of the legend's feats. For the eighteen years between 1963 and 1980, he was unstoppable.

Nicklaus won three British Opens and finished second seven times. In eighteen years, only once did he finish out of the top six. And for all the talk that Tiger Woods will shatter the records, Nicklaus' amazing overall championship record of 18 major championships and 19 runner-ups could certainly stand the test of time. (Although, Tiger, at 29 years old, has already won nine majors with a possible tenth coming this weekend — numbers that better Nicklaus' at a similar age).
"I've been asked, 'What would you do differently?'" Nicklaus said. "I can't imagine anything."
For the life of me, neither can I.


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