Monday, July 18, 2005

If I could be like that...

Venerable National Post columnist Colby Cosh deals a sound thrashing to a Ken Campbell article (and by extension Tom Benjamin) that says a low free agency age will hurt small market teams:
This is pure fantasy, is what it is. NBA teams working under a salary cap have learned that there's no singular formula for success under such a system, but a certain formula for failure is tying yourself to overpaid talent. The only people who are going to be making $7M+ under the new system, without leaving franchises in an awfully deep hole of mediocrity, are four or five superstar goaltenders and the very occasional perennial MVP candidate.
Certainly give it a read, as it's an excellent rebuttal to much of what the free agency is doom crowd (TB) have been crowing about lately. Cosh's blog generates the eighth most traffic of Canadian blogs, and it's not hard to see why.

Now if only could pick up a few things from the guy and get one of those cool headshot drawings the Post doles out. That is, if they'll ever forgive me for going to The Globe.


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