Monday, July 11, 2005

Lockout messes with game developers too

Since I know many of my hockey-starved chums have gotten their fix through video games, I figured I should link to a related article from today penned by Canadian Press sports editor Neil Davidson.

It seems the uncertainty with the upcoming season has wreaked some havok with game developers who have to release games in the near future without any clear idea what the revamped league will look like.

The unfortunate thing is that no developer is holding off on the release of their game to wait for the CBA and rule changes announcement. Waiting to get the game right would earn many fans' dollars I'm sure, and who's even to say that gamers need their games right before season's start. Interest in the league likely peaks much later than September, and a near-Christmas release could be a boost of its own.


At 12:14 a.m., July 12, 2005, Anonymous Sean Kaye said...

Actually, that's not quite true. Sports Interactive and their publisher Sega are holding off on the North American release of NHL:EHM 2005 until September/October. The game has been released already in Europe and via digital download. I know the guys who write the game for Sports Interactive and they are following the CBA situation closely. It is there intention to update their game with all of the new CBA rules before the North American release and make it available to those who've already bought the game in Europe. There are time pressures and their understanding and modelling of the CBA implications may not be perfect, but if you speak to Miles Jacobson their Managing Director or Marc Duffy their Product Manager I'm sure they'll confirm their intention to do the best they can.

NHL:EHM is a fantastic game for those of you who are more interested in building a franchise rather than getting numb thumb. They have plenty of leagues to play and the game is endless, well worth checking out.

I have no relationship with the people who make the game, other than I know Riz Remes who is the lead developer for it and Graeme Kelly who's a software engineer on the game.


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