Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Red Wings after Glen Murray

So reported the Detroit News yesterday. Expect the Red Wings, if at all possible, to be players in the free agent market once they lose some dead weight in the form of Ray Whitney, Curtis Joseph and Derian Hatcher.

Murray will be one of the more attractive forwards available due to his gritty style and recently rediscovered goal-scoring abilities. Whether or not he can produce without playing in Beantown, I suspect we'll find out in October.


At 5:53 p.m., July 20, 2005, Blogger Matt Saler said...

The News also reported they may be interested in Martin "One Good Year So I'm Worth Big $$$$" Lapointe.

I have one word to say to that:


At 5:57 p.m., July 20, 2005, Blogger Matt Saler said...

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At 5:58 p.m., July 20, 2005, Blogger Matt Saler said...

Also, I find it somewhat humorous to hear people speculating on free agency signings by the Wings when they are well over the cap limit already and have 2/3 a team or so.

I think they'll have enough trouble shuffling around the existing roster and adding some Griffins to fill out the gaps without having to worry about who's on the market.

Especially if they're set on keeping Nick Lidstrom, as everyone assumes (as economically unsound as that may be).


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