Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Details for Carnival of the NHL #6

Get ready my carnies!

My apologies for keeping everyone in the dark on this to this point.

The sixth edition of the NHL Carnival will be published right here in the wee hours of Monday, August 22. My apologies for bucking the trend of a Thursday carnival, but I'm going to need a weekend to set aside a couple of hours to make this thing work.

I'm going to ask for two things from those submitting.

1) The usual submission of a post (or posts) you'd like highlighted from your site. Let me make this clear, that this is open to absolutely everyone in the blog community who has a hockey-related post. Have something to say? Let's hear it. This portion of the Carnival will be due in an email to me, mirtle - at -, by 10 p.m. EST Sunday evening. Whoever's submission I like the best will get top billing, so let's see something really wild. For those who haven't seen a carnival to date, have a look at what PJ Swenson put together at last week.

2) In order to appease Tom Benjamin, who's life revolves around this sort of thing, I'd like to get a small prediction from everyone in the hockey blogosphere. Due to that same email address, submit who you believe will be the top three finishing teams at the end of the NHL's regular season, in order. I'll tabulate everyone's guesses and whoever comes the closest when it's all said and done in April will win some sort of Globe and Mail prize. Submissions for predictions should come in by 1 p.m. EST on Saturday afternoon.

These carnivals keep getting bigger and better as we go along, so I'm going to do my best to keep with that trend.


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