Sunday, August 14, 2005

Is there an opening for a "least prolific"?

PJ over at Sharkspage is the host of this week's Carnival of the NHL, and my does it ever look like a lot of fun/work. Nice job there.

I get a mention in the festivities (but not a link!), but it's unfortunately not for any brilliant contribution I've made this week.
The prolific Golbez also rants about the Senators, the St Louis Blues, and Chicago Blackhawks. Sorry James Mirtle, he has stolen your "most prolific" title.
Ah! Hmmm... I suppose it is unfair to continue trumpeting the words Mr. Swenson spoke of me in December, back in the good old days, when blogging happened frequently and fervently. I must concur -- Mr. Golbez does deserve said title.

Me? I've had a disastrous move, one day off in two weeks and, well, this career business has me beat. I'll have to consort with the venerable (and prolific) Eric McErlain, but it's my belief that the next NHL carnival will be mine for the hosting.

In addition to pooling together posts, I'm going to ask bloggers -- and, I hope, some mainstream media -- for a prediction for the upcoming season (even from you Tom Benjamin, o' unbeliever). I think the results will be interesting, but, then again, I've been wrong in the past.

I know the timing generally calls for people to submit things by Thursday evening, but I may aim for a Sunday submission date, accumulate things over the weekend and unleash a furious and unmitigated Carnival on Monday morning unlike any ye blog world has seen.

Yes, it will be grand.

It should also be the perfect way to jump the site out of the doldrums. Well, that and another fight with Tom.


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