Saturday, September 10, 2005

Covering Crosby

Let's say you're an editor at a major Canadian newspaper, and it's August, 2005. NHL hockey is coming back and, like any other publication in the country, you want to get an edge on the coverage, show you're the paper to read for hockey.

And it just so happens to be the year a kid they're calling 'The Next Gretzky' is coming into the league.

Granted, there will be a lot of coverage of this kid. And every paper will be running nearly every wire story that comes in.

You could do that. Or, you could do what The Globe and Mail is doing this year and send a reporter to live in Pittsburgh and get any and all Crosby-related stories there are.

Shawna Richer, last seen as a reporter out of the paper's Atlantic bureau in Halifax, wrote her first story from Pittsburgh for today's paper. Being that she has been reporting from Halifax, minutes from the young phenom's hometown of Cole Harbour, Richer has penned more than a few Crosby stories the past few years.

I'll keep my opinions to myself, but I'm curious to hear what others think of the move. How much Crosby is enough?

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At 12:17 p.m., September 11, 2005, Blogger deepfriedgold said...

Is she, like, living with him and stuff? That would be pretty rad. "Sid scored his first hat-trick, but forgot to pick up toilet paper...again" by Shawna Richer.

At 2:51 p.m., September 12, 2005, Blogger Nicole said...

That would be pretty cool.
"Sure he's a great hockey player, but someone needs to tell him his hockey equipment smells just as bad as a third line defenseman. He also forgot to pick up toilet paper, again, and put an empty milk carton in the fridge."

At 5:36 p.m., September 12, 2005, Anonymous David said...

Personally, I think it is a bit much but hey, I don't have to read it if I don't want. Too often media try to create stories that really aren't there. I really don't care to read about Crosby's first practice, his first goal in a team scrimmage, the first time he plays with Lemieux, the first time he breaks his stick taking a slap shot, the first time he sneezes, etc. etc. etc. There are a lot of good non-Crosby stories also happening with the Penguins and I would hope some people take the time to actually cover some of those as well.

There is more to the Penguins, and to hockey, than Sidney Crosby.

At 2:00 a.m., September 13, 2005, Blogger Nick said...

I think everyone's getting psyched up over a new hockey season. We'll see what actually happens when he *starts playing*

At 10:13 a.m., September 13, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As you know, James, the sports media is all about, "the story line" as an attempt to attract casual fans. The media feels these fans need a "hook" or an angle that isn't just focused on the game itself. A budding new star is a perfect angle for them, as casual fans can talk about Crosby in the same way they talked about Gretzky.

The NFL is famous for this. While watching the opening of the Sunday Night game between the Ravens and Colts, I had to sit through this nauseating three minute soap opera type skit that focused entirely on Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis. There they were, looking all brooding and pensive in black and white shots, weird music playing in the background, blah blah blah. You would never have thought that there were teams of 44 guys each behind these two guys, but the network was determined to push the stars, because that's what they have been told to do to attract the casual fan. Welcome to the big business of pro sports.


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