Wednesday, September 07, 2005

NHL training camps set to begin

ESPN lists the when and where for the opening of team's training camps, the majority of which get underway on Monday (Sept. 12).

It's good to see quite a few teams are holding camps outside of the team's normal rink, opting to perhaps increase their fanbases by relocating to a nearby city. Although, in the case of the Islanders, the town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, may not quite be 'nearby.' I can only imagine the excitement in Yarmouth, population 8,000, at seeing NHLers lace them up (and it should be quite a step up from the Junior A MotorMart Mariners).

Isles coach Steve Stirling says the team is making the move to help team chemistry:
You're absolutely correct in your assessment about the importance of team chemistry, and it's the number one reason why we're taking the guys to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia for the first week of camp. Yarmouth will give us seven straight days on and off the ice bonding through workouts and team events.

We will also be away from our homes, which can be helpful when you're coming together as a team. And the forming of chemistry will not end when we return. We'll be doing lots of things throughout the season to address the issue of chemistry and teamwork.
The Canucks regularly held their training camp in Kamloops when I lived there, and I think it always generated a lot of interest in the team back home. If teams are also seeing the benefit in the practice, all the better.

UPDATE Do any readers know what the Islanders connection to Yarmouth is?


At 2:59 a.m., September 08, 2005, Blogger Michael said...

Can I take a guess and say NS is where the Isles practiced when they won the 4 Stanley Cups?


Did it give them the inspiration for the Wharf fisherman logo that everybody hated?


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