Saturday, September 24, 2005

Saturday mini-roundup

I've been out sick for a few days, which has meant a lot of surfing and reading in my attempt to recover. Here's what I've found interesting today:
  • Another hopeful from the CBC's 'Making the Cut' reality TV series — a show I've rebranded: Making the ECHL — failed to make the real cut on Friday, when the Leafs sent Dominic Noel to an AHL tryout. How have other reality TV winners fared? The Oilers moved Jordan Little onto their AHL club (and likely to the ECHL after that), the Senators — loaded with goaltender prospects — released Michael Mole (also ECHL bound), James Demone was sent to the AHL Moose by Vancouver, Matt Hubbauer was sent to Omaha by Calgary, and, finally, Kevin Lavallee was demoted by the Habs.

  • Couldn't agree more with Damien Cox's assessment that the NHL's shootouts this year are going to be far too short. Since when has a hockey shootout ever had only three shooters anyway? That's not to say I agree with him that we should have shootouts at all, but I digress.

  • Two differentSun chain writers offer us different looks at Brantt Myhers, a former NHL tough guy given a second chance at a playing career by Flames GM Darryl Sutter after numerous battles within the NHL's substance abuse program. Myhers had his face caved in by the Oilers Georges Laraque early in Friday night's game (a 3-0 win by the Flames).

  • Eric at Offwing Opinion and Tom Benjamin both weigh in on a silly tiff that has arisen out of the NHL's new Bettman's NHL ad campaign. My opinion was recorded here on Wednesday.

  • The National Post's Mark Spector is hanging out with Brian Burke... and I love the column he's got on the guy. Then again, I think I just miss hearing from the big lug (and seeing him skate in the Canucks charity games back in Kamloops).

    Does anyone look twice at Burke out on Katella Avenue, the street that fronts the Arrowhead Pond?

    "Not a soul," Burke admits. "But if you'd have said to me in Vancouver, 'You can win a Stanley Cup but you can never do an interview and you can't be in the parade,' I'd say, 'Where do I sign?' My ego's a lot smaller than people think."

    Dreamy sigh... "Thooooose were the dayyyys." Come to think of it, the NHL's ad campaign would benefit from having a helluva lot less buxom babe and a helluva lot more Brian Burke. "It's time!," the burly GM would scream at robo-player, "so get out there and play or 25 cents and a phone booth, and this team is gone."

    Refer to this compendium of Burke one-liners, lest you be confused.
  • I've got more to say on this one, but if you haven't read it yet, have a look at the Toronto Star's own hockey blog, The Hockey Page. I think it's the first real blog on hockey by a mainstream media outfit, so good on them, even if they are 'the competition.' As I said, more on this some other time.

  • Why Gilbert Brule slipped to sixth pick in the draft this summer, I have no idea. Brule netted the overtime winner for Columbus over Detroit last night in exhibition play.

  • The Nashville Predators, who are going to surprise a lot of people this season as one of the top clubs in the Western Conference, look to get stronger when they sign pint-sized faceoff dynamo Yanic Perreault. If you need a solid 50-point player in your hockey pool, Perreault never disapoints when I pick him (I didn't pick him last year).

  • Jes Golbez talks about the hard-to-find preseason statistics and a little about Andrew Hutchinson, the current preseason scoring leader. Before you go taking him in your pools, however, take Jes's bet on the cheese dog as Hutchinson was one of the best defencemen on one of the AHL's best teams last year.

  • Speaking of preseason statistics, here are the players trying to punch their way to a roster spot this season (except for ex-Blazer Scott Upshall, who just plain likes high-sticking penalties and couldn't punch his way to anything). Don't bet a cheese dog on Upshall, or you'll be paying out double.

  • After soundly thrashing EA Sports latest entry into the NHL video game saga two weeks ago, Cousin BJ has mysteriously disappeared, likely to play said video game he said he disliked. Me know better.

  • TSN offered a neat little roundup yesterday on the week in hockey.



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