Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The downward spiral in Columbus

Maybe I'm sounding a bit like a broken record, but now the Blue Jackets are captainless. With Columbus on pace for 41 points this season — only three more than the Ottawa Senators have in 22 games — the question becomes: How much worse can it get?

The only team close to being that bad in the past four seasons was the New York Islanders of 2000-01, who went 21-51-7-3 for 52 points. Keeping in mind that there are more points in play this year without tie games, Columbus' futility is mind-boggling. Should the Blue Jackets lose in Minnesota tonight, they'll be 6-19 and on the road to a 20-62-0 season.

As of tonight, Columbus' all-time record stands at 110-192-33-18, a .311 win percentage that is right up there with the Kansas City Scouts', California Golden Seals' and Colorado Rockies' franchise marks. We know how those expansion teams turned out.

At least the St. Louis Blues are keeping them company this season.


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