Friday, December 16, 2005

Cutting through the PR swath

"Hurrah! We're on target to make $200-million less than we did in 2003-04, making this season a resounding success!"

It's no wonder Tom Benjamin often calls the media 'the NHL's PR wing' when things like this get published. Projected revenues of $2-billion (U.S.), at this early stage in the season, are significantly lower than the totals from two years ago, even with all of the 'record attendance' hoopla the league has been pushing.

Even with inflation alone, an increase over the low, low $1.8-billion revenue projection on which the salary cap is based should be an absolute guarantee.

Oh, but we've got reason to smile. Saskin, Bettman — all of us. It's a smile party.

It's a joke, folks.


At 5:27 p.m., December 16, 2005, Anonymous David Johnson said...

Let's not forget that the NHLPA is on the verge of self destructing, the St. Louis Blues can't find someone to buy them and the Pittsburgh Penguins are still on life support and on the verge of leaving town. Aside from that everything is just fine in NHL land.

At 7:59 p.m., December 16, 2005, Anonymous Cam said...

If you compare hockey's 'recovery' to that of baseball's following their strike in 1994, perhaps calling a $200 million loss on the previous season a resounding success isn't such a stretch.

Remember, it took the Mark McGuire/Sammy Sosa slug fest to get baseball attendance and revenue figures back to their 1994 levels.

So comparatively speaking, hockey's post-strike recovery has been far more positive than it has in other sports. In fact, in the Canadian markets and several American markets, a post-strike backlash has almost been non-existent.

At 8:16 p.m., December 16, 2005, Blogger James Mirtle said...

It's a good point Cam, but this story doesn't even mention the fact that it's a drop from 2003-04 revenues. It's not acceptable to only paint a rosy picture of the NHL's 'recovery' this season.

At 8:35 p.m., December 16, 2005, Blogger PJ Swenson said...

You must be talking about the Canadian NHL media.

The media here in the US only mentions hockey when somone gets hit over the head with a stick, when Avery waxes poetic, or to compare it to soccer.


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