Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Super Mario hospitalized

I'd hate to be the first to say it, but I can't see Mario Lemieux suiting up for Canada at the Olympics anymore. Lemieux was taken to a local hospital today in Pittsburgh after he had an irregular heartbeat in this morning's practice.

Some had been calling for him to bow out as Steve Yzerman did earlier, but personally I think the selection committee still had every intention of taking him to the Games.

Mario had been complaining of fatigue and some sort of illness earlier in the week, so let's hope this is more a precautionary visit than anything.


At 10:52 p.m., December 07, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to be the first to say it, but I'm happy Super Mario will not be on the Olympic team.

He is not even close to one of the top Canadian centres in the league. Gretz says only four centres are going and in my books the best centre men in the league are Spezza, Thornton, Lecavailier and Staal, in that order. And Crosby has to be a part of the team because he is the game's most popular player, bar none.

By the way James, this is the first time I've ever been to your site. Your former boss salutes you. Great job on the CIS round-up, too.

At 11:38 p.m., December 07, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You could see the beginnings of the decline of Lemieux's game at Salt Lake City in 2002. Yes, he had some moments there, but there were other times when he was well off his game. (Everyone forgets by now, but he missed a wide open net in the gold medal game.)

This decline had become really apparent in the World Cup in September 2004, where he looked painfully average despite oodles of ice time.

Mario is obviously one of the greatest of all time, but the way he is hanging on right now is starting to look more and more like Michael Jordan with the Washington Wizards -- a few moments of greatness here and there, but mostly just sad reminders of what used to be.

At 3:35 a.m., December 10, 2005, Blogger Chris said...

Oh please annoymous II...I'm no rabid Mario booster, but to look average on that team in 2002 was to be the essence of a superstar, especially at his age. He was 36 for crying out loud, of course you could see the decline in his game. Missing an open net does not diminish in anyway his contribution to those games, and he never got the credit he should have for the goal that was scored becasue he never touched the puck.

At any rate, I think his spot on this year's team should go to another player, because at 40, with a heart condition and a lot on his mind, it's time for him to take his seat beside Gretzky in the press box. What a team they'd make in the front office of Team Canada.


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