Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006 World Junior Hockey Championship
Day 9: Malkin Talks

I said last week that it may be tougher for Russian star Evgeni Malkin to skip out on the interview requests in Vancouver, something that has played out as he did talk to venerable Globe and Mail columnist Eric Duhatschek yesterday.

There's little earth-shattering there, which makes you wonder why he wasn't made available earlier.

Round of Death
The semi-finals begin tonight — in 2.5 hours to be exact — and this is really where things get interesting. Win, and you're headed for the gold-medal game. Lose, and bronze is the best you can do. Canada draws Finland in a rematch of the tournament-opening game, a 5-1 win for Team Canuck. Tonight's late game should be a doozy, with the heralded Americans taking on a Russian team that has yet to lose in games that count (they did drop an exibition contest 8-1 to Canada).

TSN provides all of the World Jr goodness, both on television and on-line.

Cannot Compute
My trusty PC (or at least its power supply) went to the scrapyard in the sky just before Christmas, and I've been sans l'ordinateur for a while now — which is why I haven't posted much on the NHL recently. Any one have a recommendation on where to look for a new computer that can keep up with my blogging prowess?


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