Monday, January 16, 2006

'But we already had our election this summer...'

Canadians vote a week from today, and the federal election is what's making big, big news — especially here at The Globe and Mail. I work once or twice a week on our news desk, often on election packages lately, and politics are a big part of what makes the world go 'round here.

While it's sounding more and more like our country is preparing to elect a new leader — Calgary's Stephen Harper — the election apparently hasn't been on the radar of many NHLers:

"Probably not," Buffalo Sabres centre Daniel Briere, a native of Gatineau, Que., said when asked if he'd vote in the Jan. 23 federal election. "I haven't been following it and to be honest I don't think I will, no.

"We don't get too much news on it in the U.S. on what's going on anyway."
Interesting stuff and a good idea for a story.


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