Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The grades are in...
NHL teams' mid-season report cards

  1. Carolina: A+. Fourth most goals scored per game is an unbelievable accomplishment given the cast.
  2. Philadelphia: A. Factoring in their injury situation this season, the Flyers have been perhaps the best team in the NHL.
  3. Buffalo: A. Special teams are the reason (2nd in power play, 5th in penalty killing).
  4. NY Rangers: A. An amazing half season given a nameless defence core.
  5. Dallas: A. Amazing given their defence. Adding Janne Niinimaa will only help.
  6. Detroit: A. 1st on the power play, 4th in goals scored, 6th in goals against.
  7. Ottawa: A-. Their lack of depth, especially up front, has shown with the recent spate of injuries.
  8. Calgary: A-. Special teams are dragging them down (18th in PP, 19th in PK).
  9. Los Angeles: A-. GM Dave Taylor hasn't received enough praise for the Kings' turnaround.
  10. Edmonton: B+. Minus the goaltending woes, this is one of the first half's better teams.
  11. Toronto: B. It has been an all-over-the-place year, but the power play has come through.
  12. Nashville: B. 11 of team's 27 wins came against Chicago, St. Louis and Columbus.
  13. Atlanta: B. Don't look now, but with Kari Lehtonen back in net, they're seventh in the East.
  14. San Jose: B. With Joe Thornton, they've been 8-4-1.
  15. Colorado: B-. Marek Svatos's 25 goals in 13 minutes icetime may be one of the best goals-per-minute ratios ever.
  16. New Jersey: B-. Some nights haven't been pretty, but despite the tumult, they're in a playoff position.
  17. Washington: B-. Ovechkin alone lifts team from basement, bumps up their grade.
  18. Vancouver: C+. Bertuzzi and Morrison are on pace for a combined 40 goals and 135 points. Jagr's on pace for 51 goals and 124 points.
  19. Phoenix: C+. The freefall may have begun with current 4-9 skid.
  20. Anaheim: C+. Coach Randy Carlyle has squeezed a lot out of what's here.
  21. Minnesota: C+. It's time to give Manny Fernandez his due.
  22. Montreal: C+. They aren't looking like a playoff team as of late.
  23. NY Islanders: C. I'm not sure where the loss of Niinimaa leaves their defence.
  24. Tampa Bay: C. With all those weapons, 28th ranked power play is unacceptable. Martin St. Louis is on pace for 60 points.
  25. Florida: C. They've done what was expected of them: not much.
  26. Boston: D. After 104 points in 2003-04, this is a colossal disappointment.
  27. Chicago: D. Recent 10-game losing skid proves it can, in fact, get uglier.
  28. St. Louis: D. It's just a wasteland of a roster, especially without Keith Tkachuk.
  29. Pittsburgh: F. An absolute mess.
  30. Columbus: F. Only scoring 2.12 goals-per-game is unbelievable considering Atlanta has scored 1.5 on the power play alone.


At 6:07 p.m., January 11, 2006, Blogger CMcMurtry said...

While Ottawa certainly struggled when hit with injuries, saying they lack depth is somewhat misguided.

Aren't most teams going to have some kind of drop off when they lose three of their top four forwards?

At 9:14 p.m., January 18, 2006, Blogger Kent MacDonald said...

Wow. Vancouver below Washington, eh? Care to go into a little bit more detail on that one?


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