Thursday, January 19, 2006

Malkin, Crosby make plans for next season?

Me and Evgeni Malkin, Russian superstar and Pittsburgh Penguins draft pick, we've had our differences. I wanted to talk to him, he didn't want to talk to me.

OK, so we had one difference.

Anyway, PJ from Sharkspage emailed me a link today of an inteview Malkin did post-WJC with Russian source, Sport Express, and I think there's some interesting stuff buried in there. Namely, this:
Did anyone from Pittsburgh talk to you during the tournament in British Columbia?

E. Malkin: Only my agent called me and told me that Mario Lemieux is watching me on TV, and very satisfied with my performance. Also, Sidney Crosby called me wishing best of luck.
Gee, do you think Sid the Kid is looking forward to next year? Although I'm sure hockey fans in Pittsburgh are, too.

(You know, I also wonder if perhaps Crosby is a tad bored hanging out at Mario Lemieux's house like one of his little kids. I've heard him say in interviews that he doesn't date anyone — 'it's hard to meet people' — and aside from guys on the team, who is he going to hang out with? I know I'd be feeling pretty sad and forlorn if I was reaching out to my Russian non-English speaking buddy in my spare time.)



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