Friday, February 17, 2006

Chelios wants Saskin out... still

This week's issue of The Hockey News featured a lengthy interview with Team American captain Chris Chelios, and, boy, is he still hopping about the NHLPA fracas (I'm going to quote a big chunk of Mike Brophy's piece here, but the whole thing is worth a read):

THN: Is the Ted Saskin affair over as far as you are concerned?

Chelios: No, it's far from over no matter what Ted says. He thinks because he cleared himself legally by hiring lawyers and finding loopholes in the law, but I have always said I didn't care whether it was legal or not, we just had to brings lawyers in to try to slow him down and do what is right.

THN: What was it that bothered you the most?

Chelios: Basically it was three things: when our executive committee, which was being guided by Ted, decided to take things into their own hands, the way they handled the firing of Bob Goodenow, a great guy who did a tremendous job for us over the past 15 years and then going ahead and hiring Ted and giving him an increase in his salary which was done unethically. I have said all along there are criminals walking the streets because lawyers found loopholes in the law. That doesn't mean they aren't guilty; it just means they found ways to keep them out of jail. That's what lawyers do. Right now Ted is not allowing the players to be educated. He is still not showing side letters from the CBA that are now coming out which, had the players been aware of, they would not have never been voted in.

THN: What would make you happy now?

Chelios: I would say, after speaking with Ted and the executive committee over the past three or four months, I would like to see everyone replaced. We need new leadership. We got our butts handed to us in that negotiation, and that's fine. I expected a luxury tax and a salary cap and I'm not blaming anybody for the deal, but I think it's time for our whole executive committee to step down. We need to get all new leaders. For the guys who were there with Bob to turn on him like they did, they now expect us to trust them. That is totally unacceptable.


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