Monday, February 13, 2006

Rearranging the furniture

Well, a few recent blog deaths necessitated an update to the blogroll. We lost dear friends The Net Files and The Hockey Page, both of whom can be described as due to 'corporate reasons.'

Because it was a mainstream media endeavor, The Hockey Page in particular will be missed. First of all, unlike many attempts by the msm to enter the medium, it actually functioned like a blog (updating as news/games happened) and was part of the community we have here (linking to other, similarly themed sites). It was also evident the minds behind it were spending time to make the content both relevant and slightly irreverent — two more musts.

Looking to keep my link list at a nice round 20, I've added two other Toronto Star entries — Chris Young's JAB on Sports and columnist Damien Cox's The Spin.

Since Chris was one of the fellows behind The Hockey Page, I don't doubt his own blog will continue to produce quality link-worthy content (even if he does veer into other, not-so-hockey-like sports). As for Cox, I'm curious to see whether or not the entries will be (a) intermittent and/or (b) essentially on-line columns disguised as blog entries.

For now, however, he's in Turin, I'm not, and on that basis alone, his blog gets linkage.


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