Monday, March 27, 2006

The Leaf Way

Toronto Star columnist Damien Cox has been covering the Maple Leafs for nearly 20 years, and he imparts some of that experience today in a piece that sifts through the club's bumbing histoy:
Speculation, meanwhile, is that parts of the Leaf ownership group are less than enamoured with Tanenbaum's chairmanship, and may move to have him replaced in that role.

In all, it's as big of a tangled web of intrigue now as it was during the days of Smythe-Bassett-Ballard, or when Fletcher was fighting Stavro, or when Dryden and Smith were trying to get each other fired.

It's the Leaf way.
Now, Cox is as vocal a critic of the Leafs as there is, and for that he is often derided by Leaf fans as being far too biased. That said, given the various Leaf happenings we've seen over the years, I'm inclined to believe Cox's portrayal of the team's backroom workings.


At 6:02 a.m., March 28, 2006, Anonymous David Johnson said...

It is no secret that Tanenbaum and Tie Domi are fairly close, in both the hockey an business world. Tanenbaum is quite possibly the reason why Domi got his 2 year contract to return to the Leafs and Domi (and probably Tanenbaum too) is a significant reason why Lindros was signed. There will always be power struggles when you group together so many powerful people (and groups like the teachers union) and don't have a single owner to keep things under control.

At 10:55 a.m., March 28, 2006, Blogger Jes Gőlbez said...

for that he is often derided by Leaf fans as being far too biased From what I see, he's derided more for just being a complete dumbass

At 6:40 p.m., March 30, 2006, Anonymous Karina said...

This info makes more sense now that has that story about Tanenbaum thinking the current executive structure will bring a championship.

At 5:10 p.m., March 31, 2006, Blogger ninja said...

Cox is a dumbass, however physically impossible that sounds.


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