Monday, March 13, 2006

More on Boom Boom

I talked a little about Boom Boom Geoffrion on Saturday night during his jersey-retirement ceremony, but the commentary has come fast and furious today as the dailies catch up on the weekend's sporting news.

Here's The Globe and Mail's Roy MacGregor, who is critical of the CBC not showing the ceremony on Saturday (the network broadcast the Toronto-Tampa Bay game instead):

The CBC is not alone here -- Leaf Nation appears to rule all national media based in Toronto -- but surely it is time to acknowledge that if there is indeed a Leaf Nation there are, most assuredly, five other hockey nations in this country.

And each and every one of them, at the moment, a far more interesting story than the worst team in Canada.

Wes Goldstein, from CBSsportsline of all places, says Geoffrion's belated jersey retirement was due to his second-class status in the minds of Habs fans:
But the sad timing of his death underscored that this was an honor far too long overdue, like so many other slights he endured from the organization during his career.

Geoffrion was hockey's version of the New York Yankees' Roger Maris, a notable talent in his own right, but one who always found himself playing second fiddle to a favorite son in the Mecca city of their sport.
And, finally, The Globe's David Naylor gives us a good overview of the life and the man that was Bernie Geoffrion:
"[On Wednesday] he'd told me 'I'm going to make it and there will be no wheelchair for me. I'm going to stand up to see my jersey retired.' But he told his family, '[If I don't make it] I want you to celebrate my life and my career in Montreal.' "


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