Saturday, March 25, 2006

The rise of the sports blogger

I don't have enough time to delve deeply into the subject at the moment, but I did want to point readers to a link on Aaron Gleeman, a baseball blogger who makes his living doing just that, who was recently featured in Sports Illustrated:
To be featured in an article about "how the web is changing sports coverage" in Sports Illustrated, with my picture next to a picture of Simmons, is without question one of the proudest moments of my life. For the writer to say that I "might be the most prolific baseball writer working today" is just icing on the cake.
Congrats to Gleeman (and thanks to Tyler over at mc79hockey — who, by the way, has joined the blogroll to the right — for the link).

As Tyler notes, Tom Benjamin did a nice job of addressing the issue previously, but I really think it's a subject that could use multiple posts from different people. Perhaps another time.


At 5:06 p.m., March 25, 2006, Blogger mudcrutch79 said...

Well, now I've made it. STill, it's a pretty cool piece. It's kind of neat seeing a guy you've been reading for a long time (like me with Gleeman, and presuambly with you, should you end up with a column somewhere or something) getting this kind of recognition. Like seeing the Beatles in the Cavern or something in 1961, albeit on a much smaller scale.


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