Thursday, March 23, 2006

These Ducks are mighty

The best team in the NHL the last 40 or so games? The Ducks.

Here's Duhatschek:
In November, the Ducks played and lost a game to the Avalanche in Colorado, a defeat that started an eight-game skid that left them well off the playoff pace. Since then, mostly under cover of darkness, they have fashioned a 28-11-8 run that lifted them up to sixth place in the Western Conference.
Is it just me, or does that sound eerily like the end-of-season run the Tampa Bay Lightning had in 2004? I wouldn't be surprised in the least if new Anaheim GM Brian Burke leads this club far further into the postseason than he ever did the Canucks.


At 3:41 p.m., March 23, 2006, Blogger sacamano said...

I'm not convinced. They have about the toughest schedule in the league remaining.

If they come through that still on fire, then I'll be a believer.

At 4:19 p.m., March 23, 2006, Blogger James Mirtle said...

I would have agreed with the schedule bit until I saw last night's game... down 3-0 10 minutes into the game, they rallied to beat Colorado in overtime.

At 4:30 p.m., March 23, 2006, Blogger PJ Swenson said...

Every time I watch Samuel Pahlsson I get the same thought. This is a guy you want on your team. His stats are not going to jump out at you, but he adds that tough to play against characteristic that Calgary got last year from Nilson and Nieminen. He gets into the heads of opponents, and the last 10 games he has picked it up offensively.

How much does Niedermeyer have to do with Selanne's resurgence this season? It is like the Teemu of 10 years ago, minus the exuberant goal celebrations.

At 4:55 p.m., March 23, 2006, Anonymous Earl Sleek said...

Sammy Pahlsson is usually the best Mighty Duck on any given night, whether or not he shows up on the scoresheet. I am very pleased that Burke did not drop Sammy in his restructuring plan.

The win last night was amazing, and does help us nail down a playoff spot. However, I would reserve judgment on our lengthy playoff run until we know who our first round opponent is. I think we can play Calgary, Colorado, or Nashville pretty well, but we have issues with Detroit and Dallas.

Of course, we had issues with those teams in '02-'03, and we sent them packing then, but Giguere was at a level he had never been at before or since.

This team will go as far as Jiggy can take them this year, which lately doesn't look so bad.


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