Thursday, April 20, 2006

The (Blogger) Battle of Alberta

There's some mighty interesting insult-flinging happening on the 'net lately between fans of two playoff-bound NHL clubs, something that always seems to creep up in mid-April. Even still, I think more than a few patrons of The Battle of Alberta blog are taking the phrase 'Cup crazy' a tad too literally.

The thing is, Calgary and Edmonton aren't even playing each other. The likelihood they'll face each other at all these playoffs is rather slim.

And they're still mad.

Take the time to have a read of this post and its various links, and see what conclusions you reach re: the size and/or relative brain power of one Colby Cosh.

Here's what I threw in the comments section on that post:
Man oh man, the irrational hate going on here is unreal — and these teams aren't even playing each other. What kind of apocalyptic series would that be anyway?

(The difference between the BoA and the BoO, the two rivalries which seem to have the most 'venom' in the league these days, is that at least on the Alberta side we're getting some cogent analysis. The Ontario fellows can never seem to get past 'Domi is betterer than Neil' garbage.)
I suppose it's sort of a more sophisticated process of devolution going on here — at least compared to what I've seen the past three years between Leafs and Senators fans (shudder) — where the Flames and Oilers faithful are simply destined to become increasingly venomous as their teams chug along in the postseason.

For the sake of the province's sanity, let's hope my predictions play out.

UPDATE The boys at the Battle of Ontario blog took offence to this post, and why shouldn't they? The thing is, I wasn't referring specifically to their site but only to the actual 'battle' between groups of fans. Sorry for the confusion.


At 9:32 a.m., April 20, 2006, Blogger Nick said...

As a Sens fan, I must agree on the lack of analytical substance in the BoO, though one can't doubt that the rivalry lacks intensity. Having lived in both TO and Ottawa, it always struck me as being about more than hockey; there is a genuine contempt between the two cities, with a little more on the Ottawa side. Go into any hockey forum and find the users named "LeafHater", "LeafsSuck019", etc., and those are Senator fans. You rarely, if ever, see "SensSuck" and "SenatorHater".

And yet, every argument I've ever had with a Leafs fan has been of the kind you describe. Domi is a dummy. Tucker should be thrown out of the league. The Sens have no "heart" and are "chokers". Alfie's hit on Tucker was legal, no it wasn't. Alfie's the dirtiest player in the league, not even close. Toronto fans are pigs, Ottawa fans are jackals. Whatever.

Anyway, my only request of my fellow Ottawaians is that they please, please stop making "Leafs Suck!" signs and t-shirts and airplane fly-bys. That's a pre-school level chant, favoured by wrestling fans and monster truck enthusiasts. It's just embarrassing, really. Everywhere I look, there's some fool in a Sens jersey holding up a cardboard sign saying "LEAFS SUCK" and all I can say is, stop that, please, please, please, and find something more clever. I'm begging.


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