Thursday, April 20, 2006

CBC's broadcasting lineup

The CBC's play-by-play shuffle: Bob Cole and Greg Millen will call the Ottawa series; Jim Hughson and Harry Neale will do Montreal Canadiens-Carolina Hurricanes; Don Wittman and Andy Murray, Flames-Ducks; and Mark Lee and John Garrett, Oilers-Wings.


At 2:36 a.m., May 03, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've postponed writing you about CBC NHL coverage, and have been forced to with present CBC coverage.
Does the league care one iota about the calibre of play-by-play (They intervened with Sean Avery's pending TV career - so you think they would).
How can the CBC continue to use these pieces of merde (the huge exception is their incredibly un-CBC snagging of the best in the business - Jim Hughson). The only play-by-play CBC'er that I wouldn't turn off was Chris Cuthbert (and he's not good, simply tolerable), whom, of course they fired.
I'll watch entire games on TSN and Sportsnet that have been decided in the first period, but turn off 1-goal differential CBC games.
Are they waiting for pressure to turn Bob Coal (sic) into a diamond?
What have Calgarians done to deserve Don un-Witty-man AND Andy Murray?
Did Hughson choose Montreal (I normally watch their games on Radio-Canada - the French play-by-play know how to call a game) or is the CBC being mercilessly sadistic to Calgarians?
Al Michaels, Marv Albert do fantastic.
Why can't the NHL address the crap Canadian fans have to listen to? (Dan Shulman was available forever - he's a close second to Hughson)


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