Thursday, April 20, 2006

Maple Leafs fire Pat Quinn

Toronto GM John Ferguson Jr. is speaking at the pres conference in front of the local media lynch mob as we speak. From what he's said at this point, it seems clear that, had the Leafs made the playoffs, Quinn would be sticking around.

UPDATE Well, the day before the NHL playoffs start has turned into a rather noteworthy one, as Penguins GM Craig Patrick has stepped down after 17 years with the organization. It's been a very, very difficult few years for Patrick, one of the league's longest tenured execs, given the ridiculous salary restraints he was under previously.

This season, when Pittsburgh ownership opened its wallet, so to speak, Patrick's fate was sealed when he blew those dollars on over-priced veterans and left the club's blueline looking awfully thin.

UPDATE JFJ didn't announce it today, but it's all but assured that Paul Maurice, the former Carolina Hurricanes coach who is currently leading the AHL's Toronto Marlies, will be the next head coach of the Leafs. Maurice did exceptionally well with the Marlies this season, a club that really didn't have a ton of talent, and really prepared the organization's prospects for the transition to the NHL. 11 rookies skated for the Leafs this season.

Maurice will be the Leafs 39th head coach, and the first new face behind the bench since Mike Murphy in 1998.

UPDATE I believe I said it earlier, but it truly is a real shame that the Leafs chose today to announce Quinn's firing. The radio airwaves here in Toronto have been dominated by the story all day (and presumably tomorrow's papers will, too) when really we'd be better served by having some pre-playoff coverage.


At 12:09 p.m., April 21, 2006, Anonymous Karina said...

Meh, if they hadn't announced it this quickly, the papers would just be writing about whether Quinn would stay or not, or who else's name is on the line. It's always seemed like that to me in Toronto, the Leafs rule all no matter what else is happening.

Man, I miss living in Toronto.


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